IloNovi Guided Tour

IloNovi Atrium pääaula

IloNovi Guided Tour

In this event, you will have the opportunity to explore the virtual house IloNovi accompanied by the project manager, Jaana Merenmies. The tour begins in the Atrium, the lobby of IloNovi, and will take you through the various spaces of IloNovi. By the end of the guided tour, you will understand all that IloNovi has to offer.

What is IloNovi?

IloNovi offers a novel opportunity to showcase content in a three-dimensional virtual environment, expanding the possibilities for reaching and engaging audiences. IloNovi features a variety of spaces available for rent, allowing you to organize different types of events such as exhibitions, workshops, musical performances, lectures, and much more.

Furthermore, with IloNovi, it is possible to design and create your own imaginative virtual space, where you can decide every detail – including the shape, content, objects, colors, and interactive elements.

Welcome aboard!